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Autism Therapy

Exclusive Services

Beyond Behavior provides several types of services which include Home Based, Center Based, and School Based.

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Home, School and Community

Focused ABA Support Services: Community Based Care with one to one ABA support for children aged 2-21 in their home, school, and community environments. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will follow your child’s educational, social, and behavioral development from age 2-21. Our skilled team will assess your child’s developmental abilities; develop in depth understanding of your child’s history; provide research based treatment in the child’s least restrictive setting; foster collaboration with all members of the child’s life; and provide supervision of direct treatment in skill acquisition and behavior reduction.

This focused treatment will be overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and implemented by a Behavior Technician in their typical environment.

Center Based

Our center is dedicated to the individualized treatment, of your child in every aspect of their growth and development with specialized focus on communication, behavior reduction, social skill development, toilet training, feeding, self- help, skill acquisition, and play.

Center Based Comprehensive Services: Individualized (one to one) ABA treatment for children aged 2-6 in our facility. Our center based services provide early intensive and comprehensive ABA therapy for 25- 40 hours per week based on clinical assessment and recommendation. Each child's program is tailored to their needs based on clinical recommendations, assessments, and caregiver input and delivered by a trained behavior technician. Children engage in typical routines such as playground time, art, music, sensory activities and more while receiving one to one support in development.

Group Center Based Focused Services: ABA treatment in a group format with ratios of 2-4 clients and one technician. This program is designed for children who have met prerequisite group, social, and communication skills. The program has a strong focus on social skill, play, and group development. Children who qualify for this program will be developing play skills, conversational skills, self regulation, and group skills which will support them in transition to less restrictive environments and school aged programs.

Verbal Behavior Programming-Assessed with the VB-Mapp and functional skills assessments, children will participate in intensive verbal behavior programming and design tailored to their individual needs. Children will participate in individual communication and skill building to develop prerequisite skills necessary to participate in group and naturalized learning environments.  The Verbal Behavior Assessment and Placement Program is a criterion referenced assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skill tracking system that is designed for delays in development. The VB-Mapp is based on B.F. Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior, established developmental milestones, and research from the field of behavior analysis. 

School Based

Services Provided to School Districts/ Educational Agencies: Beyond Behavior Consulting provides behavioral support to school districts and educational agencies such as Head Start and Early Intervention to provide Functional Behavior Assessments, Positive Behavior Support Plans, and/or whole Classroom Management Plans in order to meet the needs of specific students who require exceptional behavior support. Please contact the office for further inquiry.

  • Individualized ABA Behavior and Support Services: Similar to BHRS-BSC/TSS support, Beyond Behavior provides comprehensive ABA programming and behavior support in the home, school, and community for children with Autism. We work with families to assess children’s behavior, language, socialization and overall development to construct home and school based programs based on individual needs. *Cost covered by medical insurance*

  • Functional Behavior Assessment and Treatment Plan Package: BCBA will provide up to 6 hours of observation, data collection, and formal interviews to complete an analysis of behavior in the classroom setting. BCBA will provide a written functional behavior assessment (FBA) along with a positive behavior support plan (PBSP) for teachers and caregivers to implement that is student specific. BCBA will provide oversight of the Behavior Support Plan to all staff and caregivers based on need for up to 2 trainings or meetings, including meetings with the families to discuss the analysis and plan. *This is a private pay model of support, pricing completed per report*

  • Classroom Management Plan Package: BCBA will provide up to 6 hours of observation, data collection, and formal interviews to complete an analysis of behavior in the classroom setting. BCBA will provide a written comprehensive classroom management plan for teachers and caregivers to implement for effective instruction and discipline for all learners. The care plan may include environmental structuring, positive behavior support plan, reinforcement and consequence systems and procedures, individualized goals for children with more serious behavioral needs, outside referrals. *This is a private pay model of support, pricing completed per classroom*

  • Treatment Plan Development Only: BCBA will provide up to 4 hours of observation and interview along with data collection and analysis of behavior in the classroom setting. BCBA will provide a formal treatment plan for teachers and caregivers to follow in the school setting.

  • Trainings and Supervision: Trainings: 4 hour training / 8 hour training Introduction to ABA, Positive Discipline- Principles of Reinforcement and Consequence, Identifying the Function of Behaviors, How to Implement Interventions based on Function, or more!


Enrichment Programs/Social Skills Development: Social Skills programming combined with enrichment programs in an after school environment at our facility for children aged 3-6 and 6-10. Our Social Skills programming and Enrichment classes are held at the center and offered as an addition to ABA programming. Beyond Behavior intertwines enrichment programs and principles of applied behavior analysis to give clients an opportunity to have social interactions, develop and create further understanding of interests that will help them relate to their peers and relate to the world around them.

Our social skills program is run by a Board Certified Behavior Analysis. It is based on the Social Thinking Curriculum, which you can learn more about here: It is structured around principles of ABA and supported by Behavior Technicians. Each week, programs are based on a different theme and build skills of making eye contact, initiating and maintaining conversation, sharing your imagination, understanding the size of the problem, coping and self-regulation, and much more, all developed around fun and engaging gross motor, sensory, pretend play, and direct instruction activities!

Enrichment classes that are soon to be developed include: Intramural ball play, Dance, Community Experience night (birthday party priming, hair cutting, doctor’s visits, restaurant visits), Sensory Night, and Art Night.

Summer Camp

Summer Programming: Discrete Trial Instruction and Maintenance of academic skills, Verbal Behavior Programming, and Social Skills/Enrichment programming for children ages 3-6 and 6-13! Morning sessions will include academic instruction and ABA programming to maintain developmental skills in everything from reading and math to communication and functional living. Afternoon sessions will provide enrichment programming (dance, intramural sports, sensory night, community experiences, etc.) seamlessly blended with social skills instruction.

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Speech Therapy / Feeding Clinic

Helping children increase their communication skills.

Download more info on Speech!

Helping problem and picky eaters. From birth to 18.

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Occupational Therapy

Helping children to increase their function across all environments

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